• Small & Compact
  • Brushed Aluminium
  • Silent and Efficient
  • Up to 4TB Storage
  • No Windows Licence
  • sublayer

  • Various Skins
  • Downloadable Add-ons
  • iPlayer
  • Chromium Web Browser
  • sublayersublayersublayer



    De Clutter


    Full 1080p HD Picture

    HDMI Out

    Optical Out

    Digital Surround Sound


    Custom Themes


    All The Services You Need

    Welcome to Qube Computers

    So what do we sell?  Basically a plug and play media centre for your TV.  Setting up a complete media centre can be a minefield with so many different options to choose from, we want to change that to make it as simple as possible.  We offer a customised simple solution to a complicated process.

    We supply stylish brushed Aluminium boxes with specially selected hardware and a select set of programs installed to give you the best possible media experience at home.

    All of the hard work has been done for you so all you need to worry about is plugging in your HTPC to your TV and following our comprehensive instructions which only take 5 minutes to complete. If you are seeking a complete and ultimate surround sound experience or just a more simple setup to suit your HTPC needs we can also quote and supply this for you. Should you need any recommendations or wish to discuss you customisation preferences and options we can also offer you a service for that too.

    Why do you need a HTPC?

    So you’r wondering what is a HTPC and why you need one!  Well it stands for Home Theatre PC, just like your computer at home but a lot smaller and designed to be used in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or any room you desire to play any media content you have.

    These solid aluminium systems use PC processors inside them which are more powerful than SmartTV’s and Android systems so these ultimately  give you  a better media experience.  But don’t worry you won’t be putting a bulky fully sized PC under your TV as these are very compact and less than half the size of your SKY box.  With there brushed brushed aluminium finish they wont look out of place next to your new smart TV.

    Unlike many other HTPC’s sold today our range of pre-built systems are pre-installed with Linux and XBMC which are configured for optimum efficiency and performance.  The best bit is you don’t need a windows licence so there are no hidden costs when with your Media Centre.


    No more clutter, no more piles of DVD’s stacked up in your front room.  You can store all of them in one place and view them in a stylish easy to read manner right on your TV.  Select your movie and press play.  Simple…


    Move all your CD’s into the loft after storing all your albums onto the hard drive where you can access them through an easy to use interface.  Organized by Album, Artist, Genre, custom playlist and many more categories.  Simply point and click to play.


    Store all your TV episodes in a organised fashion, select the TV series then select the episode to play.  You can even watch iPlayer.



    Transfer your photos from your computer or view them directly from your digital camera memory card.  Create slideshows of your favourite holiday snaps for the whole family to see on the big screen.


    Specially sourced remote controls designed to be simple to use, based on RF (wireless technology) there is no need to point the remote at the TV.

    Have a smartphone connected to your home network? You can use it as a fully functional remote for XBMC with library support (purchase may be necessary).


    Browse the internet with Chrome web browser on your TV, load flash enabled websites with no hassle (requires mouse and keyboard).


    Share all the content on these machines with all your devices on your home network, use it as a file server for your most important documents for backup.


    With your HTPC it is easy to customise how you want it to look and feel with a wide number of skins available, which can completely change your media experience.

    You can add a long list of plugins to XBMC to give you everything you ever wanted a MediaCenter to do, including youtube, iPlayer, TV guides and many more.


    Worried about how you control all the settings?  These boxes come with pre-installed software to help you manage everything you need right from your computer while connected to your network via simple web pages.

    This is the list of installed software:

    Sabnzb – Newsgroup downloader (web interface).

    Transmission – Simple bit-torrent client (web interface).

    CouchPotato – Movie management (web interface).

    Sickbeard – TV Management (web interface).

    Headphones – Music Management (web interface).

    Webmin – System management, including changing passwords, settings network shares and file management (web interface).

    XBMC Settings – Custom software designed to set simple settings easily and quickly with typing a single word.

    DVD Backup - Custom software designed to backup your DVD’s onto the hard drive.


    We supply 30 days remote support to help you setup the system with your permission.

    We custom build to your needs and if you dont see what you want let us know and we can get back to you with some recommendations and options.

    All software installed is free to use and Open Source, it is configured by us to use with our systems.  We cannot provide support to specific errors from the above software, we are happy to try and answer any questions or problems but you may be referred to the documentation of the specified software.  There are free forums for all the software installed with a really good community base.  Please look in the support section of this site for more information as it is being updated regularly.  We will gladly accept feedback you have.



    This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.